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Water Proof Coat

  • Lympro Chem’s water proofing systems has been engineered to provide a seamless and durable results in the areas of high rains & solar radiation with an ease of application. The fully integrated system is based on polyurethane & its hybrids to provide a long run benefit making it a worth. It prevents water & moisture from entering the structure. Lympro Chem’s water proofing system has provided successful results over past several years.
  • The low surface tension, low viscosity and appropriate reactivity enables the Alprothane resin to penetrate deeply into the concrete cracks and seals it. The excellent bond strength to concrete & elongation helps to sustain the stresses arising out of weather conditions.
  • The sealed concrete surface is covered with AquaCease which is a highly elastic & water vapor permeable polyurethane – acrylic protective coat.
  • An aliphatic top coat Alprothane 130 (Solvent Based) / Alprothane Aqua 3000D makes the system resistant against the weathering and people movement.
  • Lympro’s water proofing system durably resist water, weather and chemical attack, protecting the integrity of the structure, even in high movement and moisture environments.
  • The system application is designed to be simpler and quicker and can be completed effectively in 8 hrs after the surface cleaning and preparations.
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