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PU Foam - Construction Industry

Lympro Chem’s Rigid polyurethane system finds several key applications in Construction industry. Lympro’s rigid PU foam have low thermal conductivity, good thermal resistance, low vapour permeability, Light weight & strength and in situ foamability.
The most commonly used techniques for producing rigid PU foams include:

  • Foam-in-place - Foaming-in-place is a useful method for filling irregular voids or cavities, it is especially suited to high-rise applications and gives good uniformity in density and foam structure.
  • Spraying The spraying technique allows thin layers of PU foam to be built up on large surface areas and additional layers can be applied almost immediately in consecutive passes to form a slab.
  • Continuous slabbing. The slab produced after the slabbing process can be cut after curing, or formed to a specific shape and size.
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